The Story behind Ready Captain

Three books changed the outlook on my life at the age of 16. The first is the Bible. Second is the Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz and the third The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

One week following my graduation from high school I got my first job as a landscaper earning $5 per hour. My puny frame and inability to work outdoors in the blazing heat got me fired at the end of my first day. Life happens!

I soon applied for the US Marines and passed the initial screening. However, I got my next job at Architectural Millworks which made custom mahogany doors and windows. My responsibilities were cutting the trim and nailing the glass panes and wood panels. Once done I had to use a palm sander on all surfaces of the finished product before they were sent out to the customer. I loved that job. I only had a 10 minute walk to work and making my lunch each morning left me with lots of pride and satisfaction. I was employed again!

While working I applied for the MIT Aerospace Engineering degree program but was not accepted. However, my next option Northeastern University letter came in the mail and said I was accepted. Classes began the Winter semester which I then offered my resignation after only working five months.

My first job in Boston was working as computer lab assistant on IBM machines since laptops at the time were non-existent and most students came to the lab to complete their project and have them printed. How did I get this job? I needed to find a work-study job as part of my financial aid and just happened to be given a one day assessment to prove whether or not I could manage this new kind of position without prior skills. I was a natural fit and loved every moment working my shift and learning how to use DOS commands.

Fast forward to the availability of the internet and the desire to creating something with the aid of computers fascinated me. This led to the creation of my first add-on product Hopping Round the World Adventure for Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight with more than 320K downloaded packs. After completing this amazing journey and without a significant update to the realism of the world everything stood still until the announcement of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020. 17 years had past and now I found something worthwhile to start a new EPIC adventure.

Ready Captain, the sequel to the HRW Adventure will be the World's BIGGEST Flightsim Adventure.

As a gamer you tend to be in control of your avatar exploring undersea, battlefields, air, space and everything in between.

In the real world you fight fires, save lives, give orders on submarines, carry out your mission in a stealth aircraft, launch & dock your spaceship, dominate the battlefield, win trophies in sports plus protect & serve. Time and time again we look towards the Captain to set the table for mission success.

There is none BETTER than you!

Ready Captain. You Have Control.

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