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FS HD Online Multiplayer

Microsoft Flight Simulator HD latest news covers multiplayer and I am very excited for what it means for Ready Captain.

The technology is based on a cluster of servers that pings your best location or you can manually choose your own server.

Because a lot of this technology is ready right from the get go it means that RC pilots who want to fly legs together can share their experiences together seamlessly.

Bringing all the pilots together using the power of Azure multiplayer traffic is limited to the 50 closest planes you can see even though it covers 200km (124 miles) which the server allocates to save bandwidth. This is great for flyins. It would be cool if a feature similar to VATSIM that allows virtual pilots and ATC to interact. All planes should fly smoothly without disappearing or bouncing around. Now I can make quality videos to post on Twitch or YouTube.

Everything will be based on the power of your gaming rig, graphics card and of course your internet bandwidth. I am already planning to get a 500MB or 1GB internet connection that is available in my area and removing the hotspot feature on my cell phone to save some cash.

The three sections covered are One Shared World, Ways to Engage Multiplayer and the Technology.

One Shared World

This will bring ALL pilots around the world together in a scalable environment with real world or AI traffic enabled.

With the real world air traffic pilots can fly their route in real time and if a connection is lost then the in-game AI will continue that traffic until a connection is re-established. Do you want to experience the stress and delays of the real world then dream no more. This feature could be useful to sharpen your piloting skills while managing your flight in a busy sector. If ground holds are built in then I guess you will need stamina from waiting hours for your takeoff clearance. Honey, dinner is ready. I can't! I am in a ground hold.

You can use the filter for Live Players Only where pilots choose who they want to fly with and where. With fly by the rules mode pilots MUST adhere to real world weather conditions, date, time and operating their aircraft in a professional manner.

All players mode is a FREE FOR ALL more like an arcade feature where pilots can learn to fly or simply have unlimited fun with other pilots.

Group creators can choose time and date and set other rules for pilots but will only be seen by pilots within that group.

Once we test the multiplayer features for Ready Captain we will choose whether Live Players Only or Groups will be the best option.

We have already chosen the starting point and first 10 legs of Ready Captain but will make changes depending on what airports are included in the final product. We are ALMOST ready for the biggest EPIC adventure on Microsoft Flight Simulator HD surpassing 2,000 takeoffs and landings.

Ready Captain. You Have Control.

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