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A Special Thank You!

Without Microsoft, hardware & software vendors plus the dedicated individuals who labor tirelessly to bring the best simulation product to market our team at Ready Captain expresses our sincere appreciation and continued success to all involved.

After 17 years, Ready Captain is the sequel to the original Hopping Round the World Adventure created by David Dossiere that started on August 3, 2003 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014: A Century of Flight.

The HRW Adventure had 796 takeoffs & landings with 149,984 nautical miles flown.

EXCLUSIVELY for Microsoft FlightSimulator HD Ready Captain will surpass more than 2,000 takeoffs and landings. We will visit the world's most dangerours airports, a myriad of bush flying, discover unknown airfields, test your IFR and VFR skills in real-world weather conditions while utilizing a myriad of big iron, props & jet props, classics, seaplanes and military equipment to uncover as many locations to enrich your flying experience.

We WILL visit the continents of North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia with all local seasons for the date and time flown. For the first time ever we get to experience the world as it is upclose and personal right from the start.

I hope pilots can fly some legs together on VATSIM to share their experience with friends while making new ones on this EPIC journey.

While the complete list of default planes is not finalized I wish Microsoft includes the Grumman Mallard G73 & G73 Turbo, Twin Otter/Seaplane and bring back the King Air 350 & Dash 8-100.

Ready Captain real-world videos are already online at our YouTube channel. We will also have awesome FlightSimulator HD videos of our adventure posted once the product is released.

READY CAPTAIN. You Have Control. 80. V1. Rotate. Positive Climb. Gear Up. See you in the skies!

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