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Published on 10.18.2019 by Flightsim: Hopping Round The World Adventure 2020

Published on 05.02.2005 by Flightsim: Hopping Round The World Adventure

Published on 08.03.2004 by Flightsim: HRW Adventure One Year Anniversary

HRW DOWNLOADS - 327,554 (09/2020)

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Flightsim: 100,637

After 17 years, Ready Captain is the sequel to the original Hopping Round the World Adventure created by David Dossiere that started on August 3, 2003 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.

I wondered what challenges lay ahead visiting many unknown airports around the world. That simple idea turned out to be a marathon that lasted 1 year and 9 months from start to finish. What really suprised me was the stability of FS2004. I did not experience any software crashes while hopping around to my amazement while gaming on my Dell XPS Gen4 Workstation.

Never before in the history of mankind has such an attempt been made. Should we be inducted into the HALL of FAME or the Guiness Book of Records? I think yes!

Whoever attempts this in the real world I wish you safe travels and good luck. Who knows what kind of maintenance, fuel expenses, landing fees, paperwork, border issues, lodging, food, insurance, and weather conditions lay ahead should this be attempted.

Will I go on such a journey? NO! NEVER! I rather wait at the final destination and present the person or team with a Ready Captain tee shirt, varsity jacket and a completion certificate.

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