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Start Date: Coming in 2024.

Software: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Aircraft: Wishlist include V22 Osprey, F35B, Concorde, Dornier 228, Grumman G73T and more

Meal Service: Chicken wings, sandwiches, Pizza Hut Pan Surpreme, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Fries

Beverages: Coke, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Bottled Water

Snacks: Cheetos, Corn chips, Potato chips, Cookies & cream or Butter Peacan ice cream

Location: FLY Everywhere. No Passport or Visa documents required

Merch: HRW Classic tee shirts, Ready Captain tee shirts, hats, Varsity Jackets with pilot insignia

Pilot LOG Book: Recommended

Vlog: YouTube channel

Live Streaming: Twitch

What does it take to be successful in Ready Captain?

VFR, IMC & IFR skills, working powerplant, GPS and enough fuel. Charts helpful!

Good working knowledge of each machine's ability and how to operate in ALL conditions.

We fly anytime day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold, icing, fog, hurricanes, zero visibility and more. We are pilots! NOT Chickens...


Be part of something special. We hope interested pilots proudly wear the final design.

Ready Captain
Official Gear (front)

Ready Captain
Official Gear (back)

Ready Captain
Official Gear (left)

Ready Captain
Official Gear (right)

The Ready Captain varsity jacket is a nice addition for flightsim pilots.

The jacket and sleeves are black with the trim color navy blue. The material is wool.

The left chest has my pilot nickname FattyGoose. Choose your OWN nickname. The simple but effective look gives the jacket a strong and commanding appearance.

The right chest has the letters RC offset to represent Ready Captain.

The back view has the Ready Captain Logo.

The right sleeve allots a max of four numbers. My birthday is January 29 which shows as 129. A pilot whose birthday is December 25 will appear as 1225.

The left sleeve will have each pilot country's flag. Mine is USA, USA, USA! With the military tradition of having the flag appear reverse depicting the waving in the wind as the holder moves forward.

Expect changes to be made based on pilots feedback as well as the jacket maker ability to replicate the final design as close as possible to the look and feel of our varsity jacket.

Expect prices to fall between $80 and $200+. Once the design is finalized each pilot can order at the chosen vendor and have their jackets custom made.

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